Getting To Know L3XDIVINE Interview Pt.3 | @l3xdivine @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Welcome to Part three of our interview with the artist known as L3XDIVINE. Last time we talked about some of her earlier records and being accepted within the Christian hip Hop space. Today, we talk about the “Jackson Pollock” Remix challenge, how she got her name, and some other stuff.   TZ:  So let’s talk […]

Gowe ‘Nostalgia Forever’ Interview Part 3 | @gowehiphop @trackstarz

In the third part of our interview, Gowe answers questions about his album and his plans for the future. TZ: You’ve already shared what your favorite songs from the project were. Now that some time has passed, what are the fans saying their favorite songs are? GO: I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback for […]

Nectar Artist Joseph Interview | @kev_inthecorner @_godaddeth @trackstarz

  Joseph is an artist you need to hear   Up and coming artist, Joseph, is someone you will remember. With the release of his new project, ‘The Purpose Within,’ he brings his unique sound and delivery to the masses.   Here’s a glimpse into the young legend in the making….   How long have […]

The Return Of Gowe Interview | @gowehiphop @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Ever since Gowe posted an open letter in 2017, explaining what he had been up, Trackstarz has been covering Gowe and his return to music. Gowe recently was interviewed and answered some questions that have been on people’s minds. Check out the interview below as Gowe introduces/reintroduces himself and explains what he’s been up to. […]