The Return Of Gowe Interview | @gowehiphop @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Ever since Gowe posted an open letter in 2017, explaining what he had been up, Trackstarz has been covering Gowe and his return to music. Gowe recently was interviewed and answered some questions that have been on people’s minds. Check out the interview below as Gowe introduces/reintroduces himself and explains what he’s been up to.


TZ: Welcome back Gowe! For those who may not be familiar with your work, who are you?

GO:Peace Trackstarz – I’m an Asian American hip-hop artist out of Seattle.

My focus is lyricism and I pride myself on bridging various genres of music with hip hop.

TZ: One of the things that made you stand out as an artist is not only do you write about faith but above love as well. What makes you feel comfortable talking about love as often as you have in your music?

GO:Love is one of those experiences that is often hard to put into words.

From the highs of love to the lows – there’s such a wide spectrum.

That’s one of the reasons why I gravitate towards it.

Most of us can relate to love – and there’s so much to touch on that it’s reassuring when art represents the layer of emotion that we’re going through.

TZ: After your Sophomore album ‘Music Beautiful’ you took a long break from music. Why did you stay away for so long.

GO:I don’t think I ever made it a point to stay away for “x” amount of time.
It just ended up panning out that way. I needed time to get away. To experience life.

And most importantly, to fill up the creative tank again. I was running on E.

TZ: Those that saw your open letter stating your return to music saw that you mentioned getting married, meeting your biological mother, and pursuing interests other than music. Tell us more about that.

GO:Yeahhhhh. A lot of life happened.

Too much to unpack here – but those are all experiences that I plan on creating/have created songs for. I released a single last year called “Worth The Wait” that captures the journey from singleness to being married. This was a follow up to a song off my debut album ‘We Are Hypergiants’ titled “Wait For You”.

In some ways, I’m still processing what it meant to meet my biological mother.

I’m a pretty private person – and I opted not to run any type of public documentation of the meeting. But it was definitely special.

TZ: How did you know it was the right time to return to music?

GO: Creativity is something that God embedded into my DNA when He created me.

It’s something that has been with me since childhood. In my formative years, creativity came in the form of making up games with my friends. In my adolescent years it appeared in the form of music. So even during my time ‘away’ I would always get these creative urges to craft.

I had a very spiritual experience in NY that really capsized that desire.

And after a lot of prayer, wise counsel, and personal processing – I knew it was time to get back to my craft.


This is only the first part of the interview. Come back in a few days for the second part!