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We are determined to bring high-quality Godly content to the mainstream.  We hope you join us and help us convince the whole world that God is Awesome and his people make as good as, if not better music and entertainment than what they can find in mainstream. And you get a free t-shirt!
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Stanley Straughter

Exclusive Premiere: Prafit Josiah Drops Authentic Boom Bap and Lofi inspired Single (@Trackstarz, @PrafitJosiah)

Prafit Josiah’s latest release, “Falling…”, showcases an unforgettable hook that utilizes a sample of a female vocalist with a truly angelic tone. The track also boasts Prafit’s signature flow and lyrical prowess, which he has been honing for three decades. The smooth, jazzy keys and bass line of the song transport listeners back to the early albums of “A Tribe Called Quest.”

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Sean David Grant

The Dress – short film

•Become an Official Member of the #TrackstarzUniverse here!: https://trackstarz.com/official/ Description: Meet Marlon Watters, an up and coming actor determined to blaze a trail and leave

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Music Leaks
Sean David Grant



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New Music
Sean David Grant

Apollos716 | Carry On @Apollos716

https://episodes.castos.com/trackstarz/a2079738-c02a-472a-a561-2fe0ed51b8bb-Carry-On-Apollos716.mp3   Apollos716 weighs in from Buffalo NY. Known for His unique rap style bringing the Word of God to the Pews of the Church

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