Gowe ‘Nostalgia Forever’ Interview Part 3 | @gowehiphop @trackstarz

In the third part of our interview, Gowe answers questions about his album and his plans for the future.

TZ: You’ve already shared what your favorite songs from the project were. Now that some time has passed, what are the fans saying their favorite songs are?

GO: I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback for “City Allure” & “Neo Ultra”.
I love hearing about why people relate to certain songs – it gives new meaning the songs for me as a creator.

TZ: You’ve always put so much time into your craft. Even though this project is brief and experimental, it’s still very much Gowe. Where do you see yourself going sonically the next go round?

GO: I like to stagger my releases by trying something experimental, then going back to my bread and butter, then going out to explore more sounds again. For the next project, expect something very foundationally me.

TZ: Also when it comes your catalogue, you are known for your visuals, from “I Wonder” to “Star In My Eyes” to “Aurora.” You already released a lyric video for this project, but can we expect some more visuals for this project?

GO: Covid has uppercutted our whole process! But yes, be rest assured as soon as we’re safely able to get out – we’ll be shooting visuals. Promise that.

TZ: Word has it that you already have some other things in the fire and you are playing the long game with your return to music. What is the best way to support you and How can we pray for you?

GO: One of my favorite questions. On a spiritual level – prayer for a consistent hunger and desire to spend more time with our Heavenly Father.

Pray for obedience, protection, and wisdom as I walk this path.

On a practical level – continue to share my music if you dig it – means the world to me.

TZ: Last question: If you could give some parting words of wisdom to anyone chasing their dreams, what would you say to them?

GO: My belief is that God created everyone with unique talents and giftings. Most of the time, pursuing your passions will come with discouragement. Especially in the developing stages. Do not be discouraged if the analytical result, does not match the effort you put in. Consistency really is key. I rather be the tortoise 100 times out of 100 than the hare. Spikes of views/income will come here and there – but the consistency is what will weather the storm.
Much love!


Gowe is back like he never left, and will have more music in the future for us. This interview was three years in the making, it was pleasure and an honor to interview Gowe. If you missed the previous part, check it out.