Armond Wakeup “36” Interview Pt.2 | @armondwakeup @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

We are back for part two of our interview with Ohio based artist Armond Wakeup as he discusses his latest project ’36.’ Check out the first part of this interview here.



TZ: One of the things that stands out about your music is that you involve your children in your projects in some shape or fashion. Will they be present on “36?”


AW: They’re the first thing you hear on the album. They always intro my full length projects (Kairos, Even if I Lose). It’s actually my favorite part of the album because they’re cracking on me. I take pride in the fact I raised funny kids.


TZ: I’m sure your answer will change over time, but at this very moment, what is your favorite song on the album?


AW: “Own It, Too” with Priest. Without question. I would explain why, but it just has to be heard. I’m really proud of it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

TZ: You are a fairly private person, keeping the art separate from the personal to some degree. What made you decide to have your wife be the cover art for this project? And how did she react when you first approached her about it.


AW: She is my muse & primary inspiration for this album. Marriage has grown me in so many ways. I shared some things I’ve learned on IG a few months ago but I just feel sharper overall. It really is a cheat code. She’s a model, so it wasn’t a big deal for her to participate. (the part of my verse on “Praise Jesus, Too” that’s about her is facts) Her & our big beautiful blended family are the best part of my life. Funny, I initially used my DSLR & couldn’t get the shot I wanted. Pulled out my phone & immediately captured what I wanted the audience to see. The standard version of the album has a different cover & it’s also pretty personal. 


TZ: I’m sure your Clock Radio Speakers supporters want to know: how many records on this album did Doc produce?


AW: Only one. That was intentional. We have a whole EP together that people can & should check out. What he & I do is one aspect of what I’m capable of musically, this album definitely showcases different styles & approaches to music that are in my wheel house.


TZ: You’ve stated that this album will serve as a time stamp for your daughter about your state of mind and the state of world at this time. What would you like the rest of your listeners to take away from this album?  


AW: Despite what 2020 has shown you, contentment is available to you. The safety that Christ provides is really something to be celebrated & not a cop out excuse to use while you pursue what you really want.


Thank you Armond for that exclusive interview. Make sure you check out the album, the regular version of ’36’ released today on all streaming platforms. The deluxe version is still available on his website. Check out the project and let us know what you think of the project and your favorite song.