Mike E Shares Why He Is Comfortable Being “Weird” | @mikeeisel7 @trackstarz

WEIRD & PECULIAR is a burning light that will affect dark places of self-hatred, oppressive thinking, and feelings of no self-worth. It’s filled with hard hitting truths that can transform lives. The entire experience is a journey to freedom. MIKE E wants the listener to learn to be bold in being who God created them to be. To understand that different and originality […]

Line 4 Line: Miles Minnick | Playlist | @miles.minnick @trackstarz

The Line 4 Line playlist is back this week and features Miles Minnick from the west coast. He went first class ttoe to toe against Jack Harlow. This playlist will actually be up for 2 weeks, because the Trackstarz show will be on break this week for the Memorial Day weekend and for Indie Tribe’s […]

Line 4 Line: The Showdown 50 | Playlist | @iamjeremaya @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

There’s a twist with this Line 4 Line, because this list features multiple artists. The Showdown is a monthly battle we do that features music submissions from independent artists. These artists are selected by our team’s very own Jason Bordeaux against selections made by DJ Jeremaya. Being that this was our 50th showdown these artists […]

Line 4 Line: Selah The Corner | Playlist | @selahthacorner @trackstarz

We’re back again for this week’s Line 4 Line Playlist featuring God Over Money artist Selah The Corner. Last Saturday he went toe to toe with Lupe Fiasco. Tune into this Saturday’s show for the next Line 4 Line battle.  This one will be Showdown #50.  It’s going to be AMAZING! Also, don’t forget to […]