Yvonne Orji Shows How to Boldly Represent Being a Virgin at Nearly 40 @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Yvonne Orji, in a recent interview on the Dear Chelsea podcast, doesn’t only cover being a virgin but she tackles some other topics like the expected age she wanted to be married versus the age she is likely more ready to be married. She’d wanted to be married by 23 but feels that life has worked out as it should have for her to have accomplished as much as she did. At 39, she feels more ready to be married than ever.

Yvonne reminds us even though we have our desires—things may not always happen as we expect. We have to trust God’s bigger plan and keep moving forward. At 18, Yvonne expected to lose her virginity, but God had other plans. She was on her way to the club but a friend suggested Bible study before hitting up the club.

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