Reflect ‘New History’ Album Review | @reflectdartist @forthelovehiphop

In November of 2022, Queens, NY MC Reflect dropped his first album in nearly 5 years, titled ‘New History.’ Not only does Reflect rap, but he’s also an educator, advocate, and minister, showing fruit of each occupation throughout his body of work. If you’ve never listened to Reflect before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how professional and polished he sounds on the mic and how well ‘New History’ is mixed. While Reflect isn’t a household name yet, he’ll surely have you pondering why he isn’t after a few songs.

On this true concept album, displaying Reflect’s strong stances about police brutality, injustice against black people, struggles in the church, and more, he manages to keep the listener engaged for the full 55 minute run time. While some politically based concept albums can become boring or predictable, you’ll be kept on your toes, your emotions will be triggered, and your thoughts will be challenged on ‘New History.’ This is made clear by the Intro track, a skit where a teacher shows his classroom a video of a 1960’s civil rights protest in Washington D.C., which then rushes into a news report of protests following the death of George Floyd. The tail end of the Intro gives us a chilling vocal sample, transitioning seamlessly into a highlight of the album, the title track, which features Jeremiah Bligen, setting the tone for the rest of the audio experience. Another standout song is the single ‘Flippin’ Tables,’ a successful anthem released back in August, showcasing an infectious hook with the lyrics “it’s no safe space to get away to, so I’m on Christ time—I’M FLIPPIN’ TABLES.” I’ve personally listened to this album while driving, in the weight room, and at home and it was fitting for each occasion, regardless of the setting. After just one listen to such a versatile album, you’ll be impressed by the unique production choices, the moving lyrics from Reflect, and the urge for a ‘New History.’