Flewed Out. When to allow or Reject? | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Flewed Out. What does this term mean? It’s a trending term in dating. People who are seeking to date who live in different states fly out to meet one another. Getting flewed out normally means the gentleman flies the girl out covering her expenses. The reality is we better know who is asking us to be flown out. We don’t want to get into a scenario with a guy feeling as though he’s spent all of this money on us and; now, we owe him our bodies. There isn’t enough money in the world to buy self-respect.

Being a girl who is serious about honoring God; I’d never experienced being approached to be flown out. I think sometimes, as women of God, who have not had certain experiences—we assume those experiences are only for other girls. Not us. However, in the right scenario, being flown out may be appropriate. Other times it may not.

As women, it is our responsibility to make the healthiest decisions for ourselves protecting ourselves from those who may have ill will or not share our values. This is where discernment will come in. 

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