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When You Feel Dropped by the Lord

Have you ever gone through a season where you felt dropped by the Lord? If you have not you will. It’s only a part of life, especially for those who seek God with their whole heart. We acknowledge God in all of our decision-making rejoicing in his goodness. Then, life happens. Not just once but again and again in a row. All the while, God is hidden and his voice sparse.

If we live on every word that proceeds from God’s mouth and God’s voice is faint; how do we proceed to live? We wait while we seek the Lord to renew our strength like Job. We also pay attention to God’s sparse voice in the wilderness season. Sparseness doesn’t mean, nothing at all. It’s just much less than what we are used to (Psalms 23:2.) It’s what we need right now.

I love God so much for including the story of Job in the Bible. He is someone who had a history of walking with the Lord in righteousness. So much so, that he, like many of us who love the Lord, was willing to endure the pain. The pain of suffering in righteousness without dishonoring the Lord. All the while, he trusted that the suffering would come to an end.

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