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Single & Over 40 & Unbothered!

I’m single, over 40, and unbothered. Why is that? Because I know who I am, I’ve found purpose in my experience, processed my pain, and remain hopeful and open to love. We live within several cultures that attempt to label women and shame women for where they are in life. However, as adult women, we have the responsibility to see ourselves properly. Out of the proper view of ourselves will come the daily strength to face each day.

I know who I am and my single status doesn’t devalue my worth by any means. 

I am still a daughter of God, beautiful, healthy, and worthy of love. We have a responsibility to carry ourselves as worthy of love and all that this Christ-centered life has to bring us. I read a book, “The Five Love Languages, Single’s Version” that shared a beautiful principle that what we feel we lack we should sow into others and it will come back to us—due to the Biblical principle that says we reap what we sow. Because I am well aware of my need for love and genuine affection, I sow that into others.

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