Stereotypes: Helpful or Harmful? | Top Endings in 2019 | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

As 2019 comes to a close and there were a lot of major ending to shows and movies that many of us love. In this weeks round 5 Jason and Shawn will share their top 5 epic ending. They also discuss their issues with stereotypes and discuss whether or not they are harmful or helpful […]

The Rise Of Skywalker Movie Review | One Shot | @solomonsporchp1 @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

The end of the Skywalker saga has arrived. Jason, Shawn, and Isabel break down some of their favorites fixes from ‘The Last Jedi’ and share some of the things that did not work in the film. Let us know your thoughts when you see the film. Visit the website for more content. Visit us […]

Christmas Rapid Fire | Making Your Brother Stumble | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

In this episdoe Jason and Shawn discuss what the Bible says about making your brother stumble. Many people throw this phrase around so they wanted to discuss the verses and what it really means. They discuss their preferences of Christmas traditional thoughts in this rapid fire segment. Let us know your thoughts after you have […]

Was Christ Ever In Christmas? | One Shot | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

In the first year of our show, we had an episode where Shawn gave a rant on Christmas which can be heard here. In this one shot episode, Shawn shares why he thinks we should take Christ out of Christmas. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Visit the website […]

What the Bible Says About Speaking Into Existence | Top 5 Fast Food Meals | @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1 @trackstarz

On this episode Charles Daniels joins us to discuss the idea of “Speaking things into existence”. We had many scriptures shared with us and broke those down as well as shared our own understanding of the idea as a whole. In our round 5 segment we shared our top 5 fast food meals as well. […]

Erinn Knight | A Deeper Dive Into A3C, Saint Holy Tour, and Def Jam | @theerinnaffect @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

Erinn Knight is the manager of Kaleb Mitchell, nobigdyl., and WHATUPRG. She has helped plan events with SXSW, A3C, and manage/produce artist tours including Saint Holy Tour and many more. Erinn shares the story of Kaleb Mitchell getting signed to Def Jam, her involvement in the A3C conference, and how she got into managing multiple […]

The Churches Response To Kanye | Top 5 Worship Songs | @solomonsporchp1 @the.invasion.movement @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

This episode we had Lora Ray from The Invasion Movement to join us in our discussion about Kanye West’s new album Jesus is King. We also talked about the churches response to the project and how we should respond to it properly. In the round 5 segment we shared our top 5 worship songs since […]

Christian Codeswitching | Top 5 Bible Verses | @solomonsporchp1 @solomonsporchpodcast @bigzvch @trackstarz

On this weeks episode we have with us Big Zvch, a CHH artist based out of Asheville, NC. He talks about his upcoming single, Play My Role ft. Mitch Darrell & YJO. Also in this episode we talk about our favorite Bible verses and codeswitching. News and Reviews (00:01-49:29) Selah the Corner – Skyline ft. […]

Do We Need Christian Celebrities? | Top Christian Celebrities | @solomonsporchp1 @solomonsporchpodcast @trackstarz

This week, with the talk about Kanye West flooding the internet, we talk about how Christians who are celebrities can help/hurt the church as a whole and discuss how we should look at these individuals. While we were at it, we also shared our top 5 Christian celebrities in our round 5 segment. News and […]

Mike Mack | Conference and Concert Promotion | @mikemackcbc @_mike_mack @jasonbordeaux1 @trackstarz

This week I have Mike Mack who is creator of the Elevation Conference. In this episode we talked about what it takes to put on a show/conference and all the steps that it takes from faith to analytics. Mike drops some gems in this episode so make sure you stay tuned through until the end. […]