Swoope Flexes Newfound Voice On Latest Album “24” | @mrswoope @trackstarz

Today the Akron, Ohio raised but living in ATL these days artist known as Swoope released what he called his best album ’24.’ Swoope has been releasing singles since last year that have led up to this moment. On his 2018 released album, ‘Sonshine,’ Swoope found his voice and on ’24’ he is using it. Swoope has admitted to trying to trying to sound like artists such as Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco because he was insecure, but those days are done. Swoope is confident in his voice and his sound and it shines through on this record.

Many have been following Swoope for a while but he still finds ways to surprise his listeners and open up about topics that we have never heard from him like his relationship with his father in “Ghost Dad.” Swoope has always said that all musical paths for him lead back to Gospel music and we got glimpses of that in ‘Sonshine’ but on ’24’ we get to experience more of that Gospel music sound that Swoope cut his musical teeth on. Swoope believes that this is his best album to date, now it’s up to you to listen to the project and see if you agree with him. ’24’ is fifteen songs of Swoope leaning into what makes him unique and we even get a reunion of High Society, something we’ve been asking for but never thought we would get.

You can find Swoope’s latest album ’24’ wherever you listen to music; make sure you purchase it and run the streams up on this project and make it chart! What is your favorite song from this project?