How the Lord Helps Us to Practice Abstinence Until Marriage | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Abstinence Message

Thankfully, the culture seems to be shifting to where it is becoming more acceptable for those who either practice abstinence or who are virgins to share their journeys. Due to virgin shaming—many who’ve chosen this lifestyle often remain silent. Only because they know they have to be ready for people to attempt to shut their mouths based on their negative experiences with the message of abstinence.

Because I am aware that some have negative experiences with abstinence or the virginity message, I try to be sensitive. I hope to be clear that God values us whether we are virgins or not, abstinent or not. There is forgiveness for those who have had sex outside of marriage. Anyone can change course at any time. Nonetheless, it’s important for those of us practicing abstinence and who are virgins to tell our stories.

Virgins & Non-Virgins Face the Same Things that Lead to Sex Outside of Marriage

Many people have sex for acceptance, love, or the feeling of being wanted. Virgins and those who’ve chosen to practice abstinence experience the same desires yet to be fulfilled. The extended waiting period creates hardship; namely, the hardship of feeling invisible and unwanted at times.

The only difference is the choice made to endure those difficulties in obedience and the choice to find relief in disobedience. As virgins or abstinent people—we can talk about these things because we’ve been through these things.

Our testimonies are not unwarranted. Further, just because we are virgins or practice abstinence doesn’t mean we’ve been obedient in every area. Some virgins have sought relief in masturbation or fantasy lust. I used to be one who participated in both—but God delivered me.

This is why I cannot stand in pride as a virgin because I know this isn’t something I’ve been able to do on my own.

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