Sho Baraka “Healthcare” Music Video | @amishobaraka @_thebeatbreaker @bri_feel @wearemidnightmuses @trackstarz

Five weeks ago, Sho Baraka hinted that “Music Video Sho”  would be making an appearance soon and today is that day! Sho Baraka recently released a music video for his song “Healthcare” featuring Bri FEEL. Sho stepped out of his author and interview bag and reminded folks that he still has the bars. Sho skates on theBeatbreaker produced instrumental and gives the people some top notch rapping.

For those who pre-ordered his debut book, He Saw That it Was Good, this song may sound familiar. This was one of two exclusive songs that Baraka made available to those who pre-ordered his book. It sounds like this was the warm up to an album, something folks have been asking for ever since the release of the critically acclaime album ‘The Narrative.’ What else does Sho Baraka have in store for the people? Stay tuned to find out!