Gowe Releases Long Awaited “Jazznight” Album | @gowehiphop @trackstarz

The jazz city poet, better known as Gowe, has released his full length project ‘Jazznight.’ This labor of love has been a year in the making, working on the project even as he geared up for the 2020 release ‘Nostalgia Forever.’  At his early listening party last year, Gowe hinted that he was hopping back […]

Social Media and Anxiety | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Some studies correlate the overuse of social media with increased levels of anxiety and depression. Social Media and depression have a correlation. Recently, I’d experienced increased sensitivity to my longing for a potential spouse after spending about two weeks on the new social media app Club-House. I’d been in some fun and interesting rooms that […]

Gowe Releases “Portals” Music Video Featuring ESAE | @gowehiphop @esaemusic @trackstarz

Seattle based artist Gowe is continuing to rollout content in light of his upcoming album ‘JAZZNIGHT.’ On Friday he released the single “Portals” featuring singer/songwriter/rapper ESAE. On Monday he released an official music video for the single that deserves to be experienced in fullscreen mode. The premise behind the song is that two artists connect […]

Dee-1 Releases New Single “Hi Mom” | @dee1music @trackstarz

Dee-1 AKA Dee Uno is back with this banger “Hi Mom.” This song is reminiscent of bystanders with the “Hi Mom” signs when the news media outlets are recording. With all that’s going on, Dee-1 took time to make a song for his mother assuring her that everything is fine. Dee-1’s mom would be right […]