Reach Records Releases “Blue Miracle” Soundtrack | @reachrecords @netflix @lecrae @gawvi @trackstarz

Reach Records continues to reach new heights with their latest project, as they executive produced a soundtrack for the Netflix faith based film Blue Miracle. This film, which was based on a true story, speaks about the power of faith, friendship, and miracles. Earlier this week, Trackstarz and a bunch of other Christian Hip Hop media outlets, including Rapzilla and The Crew’s Hip Hop Corner, were at a press junket with the director of the film Julio Quintana as well as Reach Records artists Lecrae, 1K Phew, WHATUPRG, and GAWVI. Ruslan of King’s Dream curated an interview with the director and Reach artists to find out more about the inspiration behind the film, how much of it was shot on location, the power of film to inspire change, and so much more.

Media had the opportunity to pose questions to the artists and director about the film and the music that was inspired by and produced for it. It feels providential that after the release of Reach’s ‘Sin Verguenza’ album and GAWVI’s first Spanish speaking album that the record label gets to turn around and use some of that same music in a Netflix film. To date, this may be 1K Phew’s first placement in a film and it’s a Netflix film at that! Congratulations to Reach Records, Julio Quintana, and the entire movie cast and crew that brought this story to life. The film is available now on Netflix, so be sure to watch it, tell your friends and family about the film, and let’s run the streaming numbers up on both the film and the soundtrack!