Reece Lache Releases Her New EP “Therapy” | @reecelache @trackstarz

Coming off of the successful release of her February single “Know Me”, Reece Laché continues to deliver honest music with the new project ‘Therapy.’ While some topics may be viewed as “too difficult” for some within Christian Hip Hop, Laché is determined to reach those who face struggles that she easily relates to.

Ask those with knowledge of the indie CHH space to name their top “must watch” artists, Reece Laché is sure to be near the top of the list. Not only is she talented, bringing high energy and skilled songwriting to each record, but she remains connected and in-tune with her fanbase. What you get is 100% unfiltered truth from the Louisiana emcee.

On the new project ‘Therapy,’ releasing May 21, 2021, Laché explains how the healing process is not always an instantaneous fix. “I had to give up my heart, but that never stopped my pain.” ‘Therapy’ was produced by Dwayne Jay and features engineering by International Show. This marks the third release of 2021 for the Trackstarz Next Up artist, following the singles “Know Me” and “Busta”. Find her project wherever you listen to music! What did you think of her project?