Gowe Releases Long Awaited “Jazznight” Album | @gowehiphop @trackstarz

The jazz city poet, better known as Gowe, has released his full length project ‘Jazznight.’ This labor of love has been a year in the making, working on the project even as he geared up for the 2020 release ‘Nostalgia Forever.’  At his early listening party last year, Gowe hinted that he was hopping back in his jazz hop bag and now we get to hear what he was working on.

Gowe describes this project as his most personal, complete, and definitive project to date. Gowe opens up in ways we haven’t seen from him in a long time. We even get to see the conclusion of “I Wonder” in his song “Face to Face,” where he chronicles the tale of meeting his biological mother for the first time. The production was handled entirely  by Sam Ock and the chemistry between the two is unmatched. Check out this album wherever you listen to music. What do you think of the project, is it Gowe’s best work to date?