Sho Baraka Releases Debut Book “And He Saw That It Was Good” | @amishobaraka @waterbrookmultnomah @trackstarz

At long last, Amisho Baraka Lewis, better known as Sho Baraka, has released his book “He Saw That It Was Good.” The book released on May 18, 2021, and those who have read it before it was released have left great feedback. In Sho’s own words, “The book is all over the place but somehow it works.” Sho asserts we are all creatives and that we can help create a better world when we embrace and create true stories. If we work better and do good work we can change the world.

The book is also available on Audible and features readings from Sho, Tedashii, his business partner Nasia Danielle, and Chris Broussard, who wrote a stellar foreword for the book. Stay tuned to Sho’s Instagram page for more dialogue and interviews about the book; he will be live on Instagram tomorrow to talk about the book.

Have you purchased a copy? Sho’s “And He Saw That It Was Good: Reimagining Your Creative Life To Repair A Broken World” is available wherever book are sold physically and digitally.


Check out Sho’s conversation with The Trinity Forum below.