Mitch Darrell “Like Mike” Single Feat. J-Phish, Brenno, and Raw-B | @mitchdarrell @100grahambeats @dudeitsjphish @trackstarz

It looks like Mitch Darrell isn’t done with music just yet, matter of fact, he may have caught a second wind. Apparently “Mixtape Mitch” is in the building as Mitch is working on a mixtape, one that he promises won’t be depressing. It will be interesting to see Darrell do happy songs, but we don’t have to worry about what the music will sound like. Today Mitch dropped “Like Mike” featuring J-Phish, Brenno, and Raw-B.

These artists drop dope verses over the 100graham produced single. Check it out below and let us know what you think of Darrell’s newest single!