Loso Battles At URL Anniversary Event | @loso.official @trackstarz

Christian Battle Rapper and music artist, Loso,  Had an amazing showing on Saturday. Loso has mentioned that he was supposed to be a part of the “Kings Vs. Queens” event but instead he got this opportunity to participate on “Murda Mook vs Tay Roc” card that took place on Halloween this year. This Halloween card […]

Street Hymns To Make His KOTD Debut | @streethymns @trackstarz

It’s no overstatement to say that the IV Horsemen have infiltrated every area of the battle rap culture. Street Hymns has made waves and gotten to battle against one of the GOATs of the culture, and now he’s expanding his territory. Hymns will be making his King Of The Dot(KOTD) debut this upcoming weekend via […]

A. Ward Has Amazing Battle Against PT | @iamaward @trackstarz

A. Ward is one of those battle rappers that never disappoints. No matter the league or opponent, Ward gives the crowd the very best he has. This was the case in his latest battle against PT on the Underground Battle League in Milwaukee. This battle was only a one rounder but both rappers dropped some […]

A. Ward To Battle in “Mask On 2” Event | @iamaward @trackstarz

A. Ward is set to return to the Rare Breed Entertainment(RBE) battle rap platform in October. Ward’s last battle on this platform was against West Coast veteran Danny Meyers. For the upcoming “Mask On 2” event, A. Ward is set to battle against veteran and former Champion Of The Year, O-Red. Ward keeps getting paired […]

Th3 Saga To Appear On URL’s NOME X Event | @th3saga @trackstarz

Battle rapper and pioneer Th3 Saga is about to make history. He is the first Christian battle rapper on URL’s stage and platform and has been active there for six years. While his career has some highs and lows, Sensei Saga has been on a consistent three year run with his battles. Many in the […]

Street Hymns battles Mazi | @streethymns @ivhorsemen_ @trackstarz

Street Hymns battled in a one round battle against Mazi on the 5th Dimension Battle League event “Legends Never Die.” Street Hymns battled a worthy opponent Mazi who had passion and performance, but Street Hymns showed there are levels between them.  Check out the battle below to see who you thought won. CAUTION: THE VIDEO […]