The Horsemen Are Set To Put In Work This Weekend | @th3saga @everythingloso @iamaward @streethymns @trackstarz

In what can only be a huge coincidence or God at work, every Horsemen will be battling this weekend! Loso and Street Hymns return to their home league Bullpen Battle League to battle on the “Back on Bullshhh” card in Atlanta, Georgia. Loso, who has been making mincemeat of every battler in his path, is set to cross pens with 40 B.A.R.R.S who is arguably one of the best female pens in battle rap. Street Hymns, who has also been on a battling spree, is set to square off against Krissy Yamagucci. This will be the first in a long time that both Street Hymns and Loso will be back in Atlanta battling on the same card.


Not to be outdone, A. Ward is also battling this weekend. Ward has been hopping from league to league destroying any rapper that stands in front of him, and there is no reason why this weekend should be any different. Ward is set to battle against Rosenberg Raw on Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE) Battle League’ “Max Out 2” event in Atlanta. Ward and Raw have already had a face off of sorts on battle rap commentary “Champion” show. Many think that Ward will be Rosenberg’s toughest battle to date, and when you look at Ward’s resume for this year alone, it’s easy to see why.



Ooops, one of the newest Horsemen is set to battle against Jakkboy Maine this weekend on URL’s “Born Legacy NW” event on Saturday.


Last but definitely not least, Christian Battle Rap Pioneer Th3 Saga is battling against Kid Kasher in Louisiana this weekend! This will be Saga’s first time in battling in Louisiana and we are confident that he will walk away with the “W.” Someone on social media said that they can see The Horsemen walking away with a 150(30s for each Horseman) and there is no reason that they shouldn’t. Please keep The Horsemen lifted in prayer as they travel to do their work and represent Jesus in the battle rap context.