Loso Battles At URL Anniversary Event | @loso.official @trackstarz

Christian Battle Rapper and music artist, Loso,  Had an amazing showing on Saturday. Loso has mentioned that he was supposed to be a part of the “Kings Vs. Queens” event but instead he got this opportunity to participate on “Murda Mook vs Tay Roc” card that took place on Halloween this year.

This Halloween card was a huge look for Loso because it was the eleventh anniversary for the  Ultimate Rap League(URL). Loso and his opponent were the first battlers to set off the event and they set the standard high.

According to the fan votes, Loso won the battle 3-0(all three rounds). That’s crazy when you consider the fact that both battlers had rounds about race in their second rounds. When you scour the internet, many agree with the van voters. If you want to see Loso’s amazing performance, be sure to download the URL app so you can watch the battle when it drops.

Loso has accomplished amazing things in his two years of being on the URL platform. Make sure you congratulate Loso on his social media platforms! If you saw the battle, what were your favorite rounds from Loso?