Loso Set To Battle Nu Jerzey Twork at URL “Civil War” Event | @everythingloso @ivhorsemen_ @trackstarz

This battle has been almost four years in making and it’s finally happening! This something that the fans, the battlers, and the battle rap culture has been clamoring for. Loso and Nu Jerzey Twork will finally determine who is the better battler in front of a crowd. Shots have been taken, diss tracks have been released, and multiple conversations have been had online in various interviews.

Today the two battle rappers will be standing in front of each other in the first live event that  URL has had since the start of the pandemic. Given the history of battles, each emcee has a plethora of material to work with. Loso has been consistent and borderline undefeated since his Brizz Rawsteen battle, while Nu Jerzey Twork has choked consistently on the URL stage.

It appears as if most of the battle rap culture has Loso losing with a big “if” Twork comes fully prepared. But honestly, Twork choked in the first round of a tournament worth $100K. If one hundred thousand dollars can’t motivate Twork, surely a crowd won’t. Who do you think is going to win today and what rounds?

Check out the URL “Pro’s Picks” as battle rappers weigh in on who they they think will win between two battle rappers. See what they have to say about Loso and Nu Jerzey Twork. There is also the face off between the rappers the night before the event.