The Big Decision | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! Man, this week has been CRAZY!! I had a huge day Sunday, and then my birthday was Tuesday, and I mainly want to hone in on Sunday. I got baptized!! It was a big decision for me, just like it is for anyone who takes the step of baptism. It is […]

Faith Over Feelings | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! Man, this week, God put something in my heart to share. Simply put, the truth of what God says about us should override the temporary emotions and feelings we have that contradict. What that means is, is that when we don’t “feel” worthy of God’s love, His love steps in […]

Honest Thoughts | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! Let’s just be honest. Sometimes, the process is very difficult. Lately, I have been frustrated YET AGAIN with not being where I want to be. Certain things in my life are progressing and moves are being made, but in other areas, I just want to ‘arrive’. I get so frustrated […]

God Loves the Creative | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! So, this week, I’ve been digging more into creative ventures. Shameless plug: I’m creating this YouTube series called ‘The Dig,’ where I dig into scripture and explain the relevance to everyday life!! I’m super excited about it and it’s a new direction, and I’ve never done something like this before. Then, […]

How Do You Deal With Your Insecurities?| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Acts 17:5-8 Tells the story of some Jews who had become jealous of the acceptance and fame of Paul & Silas. Their message of Christ had been growing in acceptance and many prominent Jew and Greek men and women began to accept and believe in the message. Thus, the Jews stored up a commotion dragging […]

6 Things to Assist in Healing From Grief |@Trackstarz @Intercession4ag

The loss of a loved one can become a paralyzing thing. It’s easy to wake up with consistent pain, and have to go throughout the day in consistent pain. It can feel like all of the energy and excitement for life has been completely sucked out of us. The simplest tasks seem impossible. This is […]

Thoughts For A Young Preacher | @coachdpolite @trackstarz

A little while ago, I jotted down a few of my thoughts about preaching the Gospel for a young preacher. I began as a young preacher, in my early twenties, and have been preaching for over 14 years now. I have had my share of ups and downs, which have led to me learning many […]