WHATUPRG Announces New Music | @whatuprg @reachrecords @trackstarz

WHATUPRG has been quiet on social media, which usually means he’s busy working on music. He recently popped up to announce that he has new music coming this fall. RG will be releasing “New Hollywood” on September 25,2020. It’s unclear if it’s a single or a project, but WHATUPRG will be releasing new music, and […]

L-Ganhs Releases Her New EP Titled “Soaring” | @lganhs @trackstarz

L-Ganhs EP titled Soaring consists of 5 songs including her single “Soaring.” Each track shares pieces of her story and even things she has encountered during her process as an up and coming Christian Hip Hop artist. L-Ganhs hope and desire is that when people listen to each song on her EP, they will not only be encouraged […]

Emerging PA Artist CABREJA Releases New Single “Great” | @jeffcabreja @trackstarz

On May 8th 2020, Southeastern, PA (Reading) resident CABREJA, released a new single titled, “Great” featuring singer Lili Cabreja. CABREJA displays much growth as an artist within this release; handling the record from the core of the production and art direction down to the mix and master. This melodic track is available and can be […]

Shiwan Releases New Project ‘Rhythm And Roses’ | @shiwan12 @trackstarz

If you’ve heard Shiwan’s discography, then you may have been able to see this project coming. Today, Shiwan released his new project ‘Rhythm & Roses’ and went full on R&B on this project. Shiwan has slipped into this vein in some of his earlier music, but this may be the first time he’s dedicated a […]