The Power of Choice | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

When you choose something you genuinely want; you appreciate it more and are more willing to pay the price for it. I thought about this when I recently went into an office supplies store looking for a printer. The printers had been flying off of the shelves due to Covid-19―possibly because many people are working […]

Simplifying the Cares Act for Student Loans: | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Many Millennials are facing student loan debt. As you may already know by now; the government has enacted a mandatory deferment on all Federal student loans from March 13th, 2020  – September 30th, 2020. That means people holding Federal student loans do not have to make a principal or interest payment until October of 2020 […]

WHATUPRG Announces New Music | @whatuprg @reachrecords @trackstarz

WHATUPRG has been quiet on social media, which usually means he’s busy working on music. He recently popped up to announce that he has new music coming this fall. RG will be releasing “New Hollywood” on September 25,2020. It’s unclear if it’s a single or a project, but WHATUPRG will be releasing new music, and […]