What it Looks Like for a Man of God to Wait on the Lord Pt. 2: Virgin Until Marriage

Jeremiah is the founder of Sex Can Wait a While. Sex Can Wait a While is a ministry that helps those practicing abstinence to be bold in their commitment to God and practicing abstinence until marriage. I sat down with Jeremiah, a 29-year-old man who waited until marriage for sex. I asked him some questions about his journey. The summary of our conversation is below:

How did you get started with practicing abstinence?

I was always influenced to wait until marriage. This message was not limited to my parents. My dad was a pastor and my mom grew up in church. They divorced when I was 17. I did not know that my parents were both virgins when they married. This is something I found out later. They’d never discussed that with me. I did not even receive a sex talk from them.

I always knew to wait. Someone that you’d decide to have sex with within my mind had to be my wife. It had been embedded in me. A lot of us wait because we are supposed to, but my question would be what is your why? Is there anything deeper than just because God wants us to wait? Why does God want you to wait? And why do you want to wait?

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