Mike Fisher Talks Life Off The Ice| @iamsecond @mfisher1212 @trackstarz

iamsecond.com “I’d get the question: “Hey, what do you want to be when you grow up?” And it was: “An NHL hockey player”. That’s all I wanted to do. I remember just the anticipation, I loved to compete.I loved the speed of it. I loved to score. I grew up in Peterborough, Ontario. Peterborough was […]

A. Ward Battles DNA At Blackout 7| News| @iam_award @trackstarz

During the Blackout 7 Event hosted by KOTD (King Of The Dot) we saw amazing match ups that weren’t announced until the day of the event. One such match that was the talk of the weekend was PG Killer  DNA vs. the up and coming A. Ward. When this event took place, many were heralding […]

My Hero| Blog| @camilleugavet @trackstarz

I never thought I would have the guts to share my past experiences of once being bullied. I am now in my 20s having an incredible life, but the scar that bullying leaves with you is so powerful. If sharing my story helps just one person, my mission will have been accomplished. My story begins […]

Snilloc Ynobe | Blue Sky | Music Leak | @collinsmusicgroup @snillocynobe @trackstarz

Snilloc Ynobe released “Blue Sky,” which is a fun summer song dedicated to his wife and all the marriages and relationships walking with God. Blue Sky is the lead single from his upcoming EP, God-Family-Music. Purchase or Stream Here: https://scrillr.com/bluesky Connect with Snilloc Ynobe: Facebook: @collinsmusicgroup Instagram: @Snillocynobe