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An Honest Conversation on the Intimidation of a Woman of Standard

Recently, I watched the season finale of “Growing Up Hip-Hop.” It is a show starring Romeo Miller, Master P’s son, Angela Simmons, Reverend Run’s daughter, and many other music industry young

It was interesting to watch the development of Angela, who represented abstinence until marriage for a while until meeting a man that she became engaged to and had her first child with. One could only wonder if all of the pressure that a woman of standard deals with got to Angela influencing her
decision to go ahead and give in.

The season finale of Season 3 showed Little Bow Wow, who Angela had some sort of dating
relationship with in the past. He asked Angela questions alluding to the idea that he believed she was settling with her current fiance’.

Could Bow Wow’s thought be true? Could Angela have been influenced by the pressure that often
causes fears and poor choices to come to the surface in a woman of standard? Just in case my readers are dealing with similar issues, I’ve compiled a brief list of things women of standards deal with and
how to handle them properly as we go through them.

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