The Power of Words | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s up y’all!!

In this semester, I am taking a communications class. Currently, we are talking about the significance of words and communication, whether we use them verbally or nonverbally. This struck me because it causes me to think about how powerful words are. Then, I thought about this: God formed the world and literally everything we see from words. In Genesis, He says “Let there be…” and it was so. This struck me because it shows me that we have such power with our words, in our own lives, and in the lives of other people. We give power to the words. They can either destroy us or build us up.

In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by words that build up or tear down. In order to live a Christ centered life, we need to fill our life with words that fortify our faith because the Word of God is purposed and designed to grow us and to challenge us to speak life over circumstances. Scripture tells us in Matthew 12:34 that, “For from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.” This passage clearly speaks on how we need to guard what we put into our hearts. When we allow negative things through the gates of our hearts, eyes, and ears, we are setting ourselves up to speak out those things that we have put into us. So if we surround ourself with anger, then in some situations, anger will easily arise and have its way in that circumstance.

Every day, we need to really hone into what we are letting ourselves be exposed to. We get out what we put in, and that applies in our spiritual walk directly. When we focus in on the fact that Jesus recommends us to choose life, (Deuteronomy 30:19) it brings us to seek out how to do that. God so desires that we bring life and the light of Christ to the world. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. We have the power to change someone’s life through the power of God, simply by speaking truth over them. That is one way we can serve others and lead them to Jesus. When we meditate on the truth of how God sees us, it becomes easier and easier to speak out the truth that we have put into ourselves.

All in all, “Let the words of my mouth be for your pleasure, and the meditation of my heart before you, Lord Jehovah, my helper and my Savior” (Psalm 19:14). This hits me so hard because it is my daily prayer. That my thoughts, words and actions would line up with the truth of Christ, that I may show Jesus’ love to people I come in contact with. That always doesn’t look like preaching to them, but it could be as simple as an encouraging word, or even just a smile. The Bible mentions a lot about the impact of words on us. This is why it is so important to really diagnose what words we are heeding over the truth of what God is saying to us.

I challenge us all to encourage people around us. Let them know that they are worth speaking life into, and that God has a wonderful plan for them. Watch how it is returned to you, and notice how life-bringing words can change someone’s total outlook. I also challenge us to really dig into putting positive truths into our hearts. That these truths will scream louder than any lie that the enemy tries to tell us. Let our words be life-giving and that they will make such a miraculous impact on the people that we come in contact with.

Much Love,

Ryan W.