A Life of Worship | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s going on everyone!! This week, I decided to take a less abrasive topic, and just really go into the question ‘what is worship?’. Worship is so much more than the lifting of hands during church services on Sunday. Worship  delves deep into our hearts, and even influences how we live our lives on a […]

Shiwan Drops New Single “Left” | @shiwan12 @hidlago_timmy @trackstarz

Shiwan has been dropping scathing simmering singles sprinkled throughout 2018 and his latest offering “Left” is no exception. Shiwan comes with that consistent flow fans have come to love over the Timothy Hill produced song. This is a must listen and is hopefully this stream of singles will turn into a full blown album. Peep […]

Lamar Riddick Shares Some Thoughts About Freedom Of Speech In His New Song “Nissan” | @lamarridickmusic @lamarriddick @trackstarz

Lamar Riddick is a Christian Hip-Hop artist aiming to revive present day culture and the music industry in through entertaining but change eliciting music. His creative process is to inject Jesus Christ into modern-day problems and themes such as cultural brokenness and injustice. Currently, Riddick is taking over his city of Morgantown, West Virginia. Solidifying […]

I Agree w/Erica Campbell on Masturbation: | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

Recently, Erica Campbell has been very vocal about her views on masturbation. She shared her view on the Breakfast Club asking the question where does God go during masturbation: “I know some churches say for the brothas. ‘It’ll keep you from slipping up. Go ahead and handle yourself. I’ve heard some women say, ‘I take […]