Reach Records Announces “Unashamed Forever Tour” | @reachrecords @trackstarz

Every time January 16th rolls around, those in the Christian Hip Hop sphere know to have their eyes turned to Reach Records to see what they are going to unveil to the people. Sometimes it’s new music, sometimes it could be a tour and today it’s the latter. Lecrae hinted that the Unashamed Tour would be coming back and today that was cemented with the announcement of the “Unashamed Forever Tour.” Tickets will go on sale on January 25th. In addition to the announcement of the tour, Reach also announed new Red Label merch(shout out to Wande posing in some of the merch) as well as a “Unashamed Forever” playlist . Peep the announcement below. Are you excited about the tour? Let us know in the comments!