J. Monty Announces New Single | @jmontystudios @trackstarz

J. Monty has been steadily leaving us bread crumbs over the past few months as to what he’s been up to. He’s announced a record deal, a potential and that was all for a nice little while. Then more recently h announced that he would be on tour with Derek Minor and the RMG crew, […]

What Exactly is Fatih? | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! So, for this week, I want to talk about faith. Faith is a widely talked about topic in church, as well as in the religious communities as a whole, but I want to really dig into what faith is. I hear people ask, “Ryan, what is faith?” and, “what is […]

Jered Sanders “All Year” Music Video | @jeredsanders @trackstarz

Jered Sanders of God Over Money recently released the first music video from his highly awaited upcoming album ‘Hurry Up & Wait.’ Mr. Sanders dropped “All Year” on us and it’s definitely a song that will be on repeat. According to the tracklist this is the first half of the tack while the other half […]

The Beauty of the Comma | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I have been ghost the past couple of weeks. I just needed some time to re-center and get motivated again, but we’re back!! This week, I want to talk about how our story doesn’t end when disappointment comes. When we get let down, disappointed, and even brokenhearted, God is […]

Dillon Chase Announces Fall Album ‘Joyful Loser’ | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Mr. Drifting himself, Dillon Chase, just announced that he will be dropping and album in September titled ‘joyful loser.’ According to his twitter this album “explores the beauty of loss. To every supporter- I heard you.” One can only imagine what the music will sound like and what topics Dillon will touch on. Stay tuned […]