Don’t Believe The Hype | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

It’s a new year!! 2018 is upon us, and like most people, I’m excited for the fresh start that comes with the new year. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!! Yes this is a new year and a chance to reach new goals and to be a “new you”, but don’t get it twisted: without discipline and […]

Goals: Set Them High | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

A goal without action is just a dream. Dreaming big is amazing and needs to happen,  but if there is no plan to carry it out, then it’s just a glorified thought. The way dreams come to fruition is by having a plan of action. That plan of action is called setting goals. Goals are […]

Tough Skin And A Tender Heart | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s up everyone!! I know with Christmas around the corner, it would make sense to write about something involving Christmas. I think, however, there is a specific topic that is important for me to share on. That is having tough skin and a tender heart. I really believe that when we possess these characteristics, it […]

The Power of Words | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What’s up y’all!! In this semester, I am taking a communications class. Currently, we are talking about the significance of words and communication, whether we use them verbally or nonverbally. This struck me because it causes me to think about how powerful words are. Then, I thought about this: God formed the world and literally […]

Wordz – “Black Keys And Ivory” | @damo_seayn3d @trackstarz

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭NLT‬‬   I had a great opportunity to go see one of my favorite artists live this week. Maybe some of you are familiar with […]

How To Deal With Those Who Devalue Us | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

I thank God that the Bible acknowledges the challenges that women of God face with being valued as women of God. Below are just a couple of scriptures in the Bible referencing a woman’s worth. Who can find a virtuous woman? Her price is far above rubies. – Proverbs 31:10 Whoso finds a wife finds […]

You Got This | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

I was at an ALDI walking up to the door as I noticed two young boys. One was holding on to a huge bottle of Hawaiian Punch, and the other a gallon of milk. They looked like they were struggling a bit to hold up their grocery items. As I approached, I said to them, […]

The Power of Community| Blog| @RyGuy92 @trackstarz

The power of community. Community is such a powerful source of strength in our lives. I can say that I am proudly apart of amazing communities. The first being my College Community at Passion City Church!! That place has helped me grow in so much the past couple of years, and I am truly grateful. […]