You Got This | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

I was at an ALDI walking up to the door as I noticed two young boys. One was holding on to a huge bottle of Hawaiian Punch, and the other a gallon of milk. They looked like they were struggling a bit to hold up their grocery items. As I approached, I said to them, “Yall so strong. Look at you!” Those little kids perked up with smiles on their faces and held their items with vigor and pride as they waited on their mother, who was removing another baby from the cart and getting her quarter back. They felt like little men. That was the two boys, “You got this moment!”

That little story reminds me of how life can be sometimes waiting on the Lord. We can be struggling with our current circumstance—things like loneliness, tiredness, upset, or impatience. We’ve waited. We’ve endured. We’ve even endured much pain, and sometimes we need just a little jolt from someone walking across our path to remind us that we got this.

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