The Power of Community| Blog| @RyGuy92 @trackstarz

The power of community. Community is such a powerful source of strength in our lives. I can say that I am proudly apart of amazing communities. The first being my College Community at Passion City Church!! That place has helped me grow in so much the past couple of years, and I am truly grateful. The other being my new Trackstarz community. Both families have taken me in and have helped me in astounding ways, both creatively and personally.

As people, we are not designed to experience this life on our own. We are designed to have people to share the highs and lows with in our daily lives. I know for the introverts that is hard to grasp, because sometimes it is great to have that ‘me’ time and to be alone. But we were created to share life with people. I hate when people have surface level friendships. If it wasn’t for my friends learning about my deepest issues and doubts, I would not be where I am today.

Community is so powerful because it is a strong way of seeing the personification of being sown into; being heard and loved; being known. Sometimes that is scary because we get afraid of if that person sees our deepest flaws, then they won’t want to be in our lives. That is the biggest lie that the enemy plants in our heads. Once we find that solid community of people, life gets easier to handle. How helpful is it to have a friend or a group of friends who you can call at 3am when the troubles of life hit you? For my single people, how awesome is it to be able to talk about that crush you have with a close friend and to help guide you through your feelings?  I know I appreciate that a ton.

All in all, community is designed for us to grow in our lives. It should challenge us on all levels of life. Community should drive us to be transparent, real, and truly authentic with our lives. I think if we find the right community to invest in, we will see dramatic growth and returns from that investment. So I challenge us all: find a solid community of people to do life with, and watch how much your life changes for the better.

Much love,

Ryan W.