Dillon Chase Releases New Album “Grounded” | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Dillon Chase released his newest album ‘Grounded,’ a project centered on how to fight drifting from God.  Boasting production from Rubber Band Productions, this album has a unique sound to it. Chase stated online that this album has some of his most vulnerable writing in it. When you listen to this project from top to […]

Dillon Chase Releases “Grounded” Music Video | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Dillon Chase releases an album in February and is set to release another on in October. The Oklahoma based artist loves writing albums and encourages people to keep them alive. To set off the journey toward his upcoming album, Dillon released a new single “Grounded.” It seems Dillon’s life has been hit with fear and […]

Dillon Chase “Every Piece Matters” Music Video | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Last year, Oklahoma based artist, Dillon Chase, released on of the most personal songs of his entire discography. The song, “Every Piece Matters,” is a song about autism and hits very close to him. One of his sons is autistic and the song chronicles Dillon’s struggle with trying to be a good father and trusting […]

A. Ward Battles O Red at Mask Up 2 Event | @iamaward @trackstarz @ivhorsemen_

A. Ward’s battle against O Red finally dropped on Christmas Eve. The battle took place on October 10, 2020, at Rare Breed Entertainment(RBE) Battle League’s “Mask Up 2” event. This battle found Ward once again battling against a Champion Of The Year winner. Ward faced Geechi  Gotti back in 2018, handing Gotti his only loss […]

A. Wards Does Double Duty In Latest Battles | @iam_award @trackstarz

Christian Battle Rapper and IV horsman A. Ward recently had two of his battles dropped. In November, he participated in Smoked Out Battle League’s “Superior ” event. He and his opponent DP the Mercenary were not only one of the headline battles but they were also both Christians. A. Ward quickly addressed that in one […]

Dillon Chase Releases “Every Piece Matters” | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Dillon Chase is known for being open but on his latest single, “Every Piece Matters,” Dillon takes that transparency to another level. Dillon talks about accepting his son’s autism on and dealing with everything that comes with it. Dillon is unsure of how to pray for his son, if he asks God to fix him […]

Dillon Chase Drops “Joyful Loser” Album | @dillonchase @trackstarz

Die Daily representative Dillon Chase has somehow one upped himself with his recent release of ‘Joyful Loser.’ He released a project the previous year titled ‘Drifting’ a concept that he plotted and executed on every single song. Dillon took this same ability, and applied it to the topic of losing things that are harmful for […]

Dillon Chase Announces Fall Album ‘Joyful Loser’ | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Mr. Drifting himself, Dillon Chase, just announced that he will be dropping and album in September titled ‘joyful loser.’ According to his twitter this album “explores the beauty of loss. To every supporter- I heard you.” One can only imagine what the music will sound like and what topics Dillon will touch on. Stay tuned […]