Dillon Chase Releases “Every Piece Matters” | @dillonchaseok @trackstarz

Dillon Chase is known for being open but on his latest single, “Every Piece Matters,” Dillon takes that transparency to another level. Dillon talks about accepting his son’s autism on and dealing with everything that comes with it. Dillon is unsure of how to pray for his son, if he asks God to fix him that means he thinks his son is broken. There are snippets of a doctor diagnosing his son in between verses and that makes this song hit even harder.

In a post on social media, Dillon wonders if he will even leave this song up as he just used it as his own personal therapy. There are a lot of people with differently abled children on various parts of the spectrum and as you listen to Dillon’s song, make sure you pray for those affected  and let them know “Every Piece Matters.”