Beyond the DMs, Ep. 02: Protest This

How should today’s Christian approach social injustice? Beyond the DMs host Eric N. Boston (@EricBoston3) is joined by North Carolina Christian Hip Hop artist and activist Mitch Darrell (@MitchDarrell_) to discuss his recent participation in a local protest and the conversations that it has led to. Episode Sponsor: Andrew Puckett | |

Armond Wakeup And Taelor Gray “C-Bear And Jamal” | @armondwakeup @taelor_gray @trackstarz

Two of the dopest emcees in the midwest, Armond Wakeup and Taelor Gray(Marcus Graham and Mike Lowry, real ones know), released an amazing collaborative project ‘Black Jordans & White Socks.’ They recently released a lyric video “C-Bear & Jamal” and it contains clips of the 90s cartoon show it’s named after. Also, a reminder, this…