Uzuhan Releases New Soulful Single “Alabaster Jar” Feat. Jonathan Ogden and Cole McSween | @uzuhanmusic @colemcsween @samuelock @heydeki @trackstarz

Atlanta based hip hop artist, Uzuhan, is back with another single! On his new single “Alabaster Jar,” Uzuhan brings a song of praise and worship as only he can. This single speaks to bringing our hearts to Jesus and breaking them open before them like the woman who poured the expensive perfume on Jesus’ head (a story found in all four of the Gospel books). Uzuhan tags in Cole McSween who brought some grooving production for Uzuahn to rap on. This beat makes you want to clap your hands and do a little two step as you rejoice in the love of God that’s made available through Jesus. Jonathan Ogden provides the vocals for the hook and verse as he croons about laying it all out for the Lord.

Make sure you check out this single and run up the numbers. What do you think of “Alabaster Jar?” Would you like to hear more music like this from Uzuhan?