Sho Baraka “After The Funeral” Single | @amishobaraka @mrswoope @trackstarz

Sho Baraka continues to drop singles out of nowhere! Following up his single “Healthcare,” Mr. Baraka released his latest single “After The Funeral.” Produced by Swoope, Sho paints a picture of life in America as an African American, but really any marginalized people group can relate to this song. Whenever Sho talks about this subject matter he is always sure to state that he is not a victim but a victor. He talks about how we distract ourselves from our pain with games, entertainment, and other outlets.

“After The Funeral” navigates pain, trauma, and just living life in America, but ultimately points to faith and overcoming adversity. In his own words, “Life ain’t a musical but we make it beautiful.” What do you think about this song and what were some of your favorite lines?