Charlene Nash ” I Can’t Help It, I Feel Everything” | @iamcharlenenash @juicebangers @itsadamjosh @winstoncampbellworld @trackstarz

Toronto based artist Charlene is back with a new single “I Can’t Help it, I Feel Everything.” This single seems to be the spiritual sequel to “Melancholy” as she once again glances around at the state of the world. On “Melancholy” she felt sad, but in this new single she feels everything. Things seem like they are getting worse but Charlene ultimately only places her trust in God. Nash croons, “When I look around how can I just stay busy?” She believes that God is up to something big, but until she knows what that is, all she can do is feel everything from the world around her.

Charlene sounds great over this smooth and soulful production that JuiceBangers, Dez, and Nash herself produced. This is Charlene’s first musical release of the year but hopefully it isn’t her last! What do you think about the new single?