The Best Thing About Quarantine | @kennyfresh1025 @trackstarz

Believe it or not, quarantine had some good things going for it. Before the states prematurely opened back up, against the CDC’s recommendations I might add, the Earth seemed to be healing itself. Animals were being seen in places they hadn’t been among other things. People who were generally on site were told they could […]

Guard Your Heart | @intercession4ageneration @trackstarz

The Bible reminds us that we ought to guard our hearts diligently because it is the well-spring of our lives (Proverbs 4:23.) From our hearts, we produce joy, gratefulness, perspective for life, bitterness, anger and more. Our actions and reactions to things will be dependent on what we allow to get into our hearts. This […]

Helpful Financial Tips for COVID-19 Crisis| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Morning, maybe you’re laid off or know someone who is laid off due to COVID-19, or maybe you’re at home with pay but have a lot of extra time on your hands. Below, I’ve gathered a few tips to help financially and with peace of mind regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Take advantage of Work from […]

Don’t Settle for Negative Thinking|@Intercession4ag @Trackstarz:

I grew up in what I thought was a pretty loving home until I saw my father, who’s a preacher, hit my mother at the age of seven years old for the first time. It was a consistent image that would be ever-present in front of me until I was 17 years old. At that […]

Don’t Settle for Negative Thinking|@Intercession4ag @Trackstarz:

At age 13, a young girl was in finishing up 8th grade. Earlier in the year, she learned of a camp that seemed like a lot of fun. The camp was for at-risk, low-income students whose parents had never attended college. The camp meant that she would have to spend her summer on a college […]

Good Girl Gone Bad…| @intercession4ageneration @trackstarz

How does a good girl go bad? The main way a good girl goes bad is to allow unbelief to take root in her heart. This normally happens through focusing on the wrong thing. Every single Christian woman who has attempted to honor God during her season of waiting for a godly spouse has asked […]

Are You Ready to Date Quiz & Discussion Series Finale:

This is the final blog in our series, “Are You Read to Date Quiz & Discussion.” Please, review the previous blogs in this series to take advantage of the information. This series was done to introduce my latest book, Patterns of the Heart Discernment in Choosing a Potential Spouse. The book helps people who desire […]

Perspective Is Everything | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! So, with all that is going on in our world, I just wanted to write about something that has been on my heart pretty heavily this past week. What has been on my heart is the word perspective. Perspective is an expressed point of view of how something is seen. […]