What Does Proverbs 18:22 Mean?|@intercession4ag @russelynwilliams @trackstarz

What does Proverbs 18:22 really mean? This scripture has been drilled into women by religious leaders and teachers causing bondage. The teachings of this scripture have over-emphasized a mindset of women taking a passive role in the forming of a relationship. The teachings have even gone as far as to accuse women of being easy sexually if any type of effort is put forth in showing interest in a man.

These bad interpretations could not be further from the truth. Finally, these teachings have given men a pass to just find a woman and expect her to be open to a gentleman just because he has shown interest. The truth is a healthy and whole woman needs to properly evaluate a man using discernment. She should not be desperate or open to committing to anything just because a man took the lead in pursuing.

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