Who is Missing Out Because You Refuse to Be Your Authentic Self? | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

So much is involved with deciding to be ourselves. There is fear, the opinions of others, the possibility to be seen as an outsider among one’s own kind, and mental and emotional exhaustion if we are addicted to the acceptance of others. These are just a few reasons why many decide to blend in with the status quo of what’s expected of them.

A clear example can be culture—religious church culture in particular. Various teachings have been passed down in church culture that has become expectations of being accepted as a genuine and mature Christian and these teachings have nothing to do with being in the faith or not. They’ve been passed down as spiritual law and authority when they are the opinions and interpretations of men.

Those who operate outside of the agreed thought are seen as outsiders and rebellious. Pride of the old teachings and ways overrides the leading of the Holy Spirit and the proper interpretation of the Word of God. Those who hold firmly to the old teachings pridefully force their ideas on others while disowning those who refuse to conform.

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