Faith or Denial | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

Can I be real about some of the things that tempt us to turn away from the living God? There is this battle of questioning that we can sometimes experience after a loss. We may ask ourselves have we been walking in faith or denial? Namely, this applies to when we are believing God for […]

Freedom from the Prison of Regret | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

Regret is to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity (Google Dictionary). Dealing with regret successfully will require the application of the main points provided in my book, “The Wholeness Action Plan.” The Wholeness Action Plan was written as a book to share […]

Don’t Run From Pain | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Don’t Run From Pain! Instead, Embrace it & Face it Head On: Sometimes, it’s not that a person doesn’t know his or her worth, but he or she is trying to escape the pain that they feel. There are some painful things that we are required to walk through that help us to build up […]

What it Means to Lament: | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

To Lament means to mourn or grieve something that has been lost. In the Bible, the book of Lamentations was written because of the deportation and exile of the Jews from their land. The Jews had been taken as captives in Babylon. They longed for the old days. In our lives, we mourn or grieve […]

Enduring the Single Mother Struggle (Book Review) | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

I met Damika Davis at a speaking engagement. We both were speaking to students about their future. Damika is an author who started a foundation that helps single mothers pursue their own businesses. Her book, “Enduring the Single Mother Struggle” empowers single moms to stand firm in their identity, purpose, and right to an awesome […]