Guard Your Heart | @intercession4ageneration @trackstarz

The Bible reminds us that we ought to guard our hearts diligently because it is the well-spring of our lives (Proverbs 4:23.) From our hearts, we produce joy, gratefulness, perspective for life, bitterness, anger and more. Our actions and reactions to things will be dependent on what we allow to get into our hearts. This is why it is so vital for us to guard our hearts.

Naturally speaking of our hearts, it’s the center of life for our bodies. Our heart has the responsibility to work with our lungs to provide life-giving oxygen to our blood. The oxygenated blood travels back to the heart from the lungs and is pushed to the rest of the organs in our body providing vital nutrients.

This process allows all of our organs to function resulting in a healthy functioning body. When this flow of blood from our hearts to our organs is interrupted by things such as clogged arteries or high cholesterol the life flow that naturally takes place in our bodies becomes interrupted and sickness in our bodies is produced.

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