Joseph Solomon “Foreign Masculinity” Poem | @whatisjoedoing @trackstarz

Joseph Solomon tackled a touchy subject with the second poem in his “Flights & Feelings” series titled “Foreign Masculinity.” Peep the video below as Joseph pushes back on some thoughts about males being affectionate with one another. what do you think of the poem? Are you excited about next week’s poem? Let us know in […]

Sensei Saga Schools Swift Millie And Rush TYG | @th3saga @trackstarz

Th3 Saga recently made his triumphant return to the URL stage with his “Banned” battle and at the time of the release of that battle there were at least four Th3 Saga battles that have been yet to be released. Well two of his matches were released within days of each other, the first being […]

A Whole Other Level of Confidence & Faith in God| @Trackstarz @Intercession4ag

I’ve been meditating all week on embracing my weakness for acquaintance with God’s power and a whole other level of faith. According to the below scripture, God wants our faith not to simply rest on wisdom from men, but on his power: My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but […]

Loso Battles Scotty In Houston | @loso_official @trackstarz

Tampa based artist and battle rapper Loso has been killing the battle rap scene for the last few years, but after long last he’s finally touched the URL(Urban Rap League) stage. URL is arguably considered one of, if not the biggest, stage in the battle rap world and many have been wanting to see Loso […]

L3XDIVINE Drops Single “Help Me Believe” | @l3xdivine @trackstarz

If you blinked you might have missed it, but hip hop artist L3XDIVINE dropped a new single at the end of last month. DIVINE’s “Help Me Believe” is a great song about crying out to the Lord asking Him to help her believe in Him and what He’s said. The special thing about this song […]